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Arandi invests in medical device projects and innovative smart phone apps which bring out more effective and patient-activated treatments to satisfy unmet medical needs.

Two prerequisites apply:

1. The product or idea is or can be patent protected,
2. The final product will enable the patient to carry out effective self-treatment to match the individual need.

The motto for Arandi’s venture projects is “Empower the Patient”.

We see great commercial opportunities for IP protected products that enable the patient to take a responsible, active role in treating his chronic condition. Our motto "Empower the Patient" testifies to our commitment to develop medical solutions which are robust, readily available and tailored for the individual with a chronic illness. 

We believe there is plenty of opportunities for improving drug therapy by combining generics with new delivery techniques. Most patients can master self-dosing of active drug(s) and thus avoid ‘doctor's delay'. An early treatment start and individually titrated dosing based on symptom control are essential for success in many disease conditions.

If you have a project that fits this description and are willing to share responsibility for the development with us you are welcome to contact us.





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