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Search, develop, and commercialize1

We believe there is room for improving drug therapy by combining well-known generics with new delivery techniques so that patients can master dosing of active drug(s) in optimal combination(s) and without the common ‘doctor's delay'. Early treatment start and individual dosing are essential in many disease conditions.

Arandi invests in promising ideas and projects which explores ways to make generic drug treatment more effective, and which can be brought quickly to clinical development. Two prerequisites apply:

1. The product is or can be patent protected,
2. The final product must enable the patient to carry out effective self-treatment : make drug treatment and symptom relief tailored to the individual patient's needs and easy to carry out.

A recent example is the new company ‘Sensorium’. This company was set up in 2010 to develop and commercialize well-known  generic drugs with topical mode of action in chronic pain states.
We believe that individualized, patient-controlled treatment of pain may ease the suffering and improve quality of life even in intractable cases. More about that later….

1) ‘Search, develop, and commercialize’ (SD&R) is the process of finding commercially viable inventions with solid IP rights, and develop them for a market.



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