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Our misssion    

Innovative medical products

The Arandi people are life science professionals and provide comprehensive medical, scientific, regulatory, and project logistics support for products in clinical development.  Our track record includes pharma and biotech products, but also med tech devices and smart phone apps.

Clinical trials for regulatory purposes

Time-efficient clinical trials require hands-on experience of the patient recruitment process and a realistic appreciation of how study logistics may be affected by local events. Trial success also depends on getting access to local opinion leaders and on being able to support study sites throughout the trial.

Our operational competence comes from having worked with all aspects of clinical trials throughout Scandinavia for more than twentyfive years. Our broad experience and network helps us to plan ahead yet be flexible when that is needed.  If a sponsor so wishes, we can build ad hoc advisory groups of regional experts and specialists.

Thinking global, acting local

Arandi is based in Stockholm – ‘the capital of Scandinavia’- and is ideally located to co-ordinate trials in the Nordic region and adjacent parts of EU. We have the necessary language skills for all Nordic countries.

EU countries have separate routines for trial applications. Our people have the necessary experience and contacts to deal with different sets of regulations and authorities without loss of precious time.

Investment ventures

Arandi also invests in life science start-ups where our long experience and active involvement can make a difference. We are particularly keen to explore how therapy can be made more effective and/or safer through technology-enabled individual dosing.


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